Emergency / Urgent Applications

There are situations which often arise in connection with a child that requires urgent action.

In such circumstances it is possible to make an emergency application to the court without the other parent or someone with Parental Responsibility having any knowledge of it. An order can be obtained immediately to protect the position.

However it is important to note that an emergency order obtained without notice to the other party, is often a temporary order and the court will re-list the matter normally within 7-10 days to allow the other party the opportunity to oppose the order.

In our experience common examples of this are:

  • When a child has not been returned home to a parent
  • When there is a fear a child may be abducted
  • If it is suggested a child should be moved to a different location or school
  • When there has been domestic abuse and a child is at risk

If these situations arise then an urgent application is required. Our expert family team is on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you and ensure that action is taken immediately.

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